JCB Engineering

Contact Information

Justin Barrett, P.Eng., PTOE
Cell: (403) 714-5798

Our Key Services

JCB Engineering is a corporation that provides transportation consulting services to public and private sector clients.  The key services provided by JCB Engineering include:
  • Transportation impact assessment studies for developments
  • Parking impact assessment studies for developments
  • Safety assessments of intersections and roadways
  • Operational reviews of intersections
  • General transportation engineering input for projects (e.g.: signs, lane markings, signals)
JCB Engineering is based in Calgary, Alberta and currently provides these consulting services across all of Alberta and southeastern British Columbia.

JCB Engineering is pre-qualified to provide transportation planning and engineering services with the City of Calgary, Alberta Transportation, and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  These relationships with government organizations allow JCB Engineering to build alliances and deliver assignments to both the satisfaction of their clients and approving authorities.

As part of a project team, JCB Engineering adds value by providing input to assist in resolving transportation related issues by working with all members of the team to achieve desirable results.

Our Corporate Mission and Values

JCB Engineering is committed to improving the operation and safety of transportation infrastructure for all modes of travel.
  • This mission is achieved by delivering high quality work, based on the best engineering practices, on all projects to the satisfaction of the client, stakeholders and the general public. 
  • Solutions to optimize existing transportation systems are sought to assist in reducing the pressure to manage and maintain infrastructure. 
  • It is understood that our economy depends on safe and reliable transportation infrastructure with a perspective on social and environmental sustainability.
Our President

Justin Barrett is a professional engineer, with expertise in functional planning, conceptual and detailed design, traffic operations, traffic safety, tender package preparation, contract administration and construction management. His varied experience allows for all aspects of transportation engineering to be evaluated and analysed for his clients.

tin was educated at the University of British Columbia as a Civil Engineer, he then was employed with the BC Ministry of Transportation where he took advantage of the Engineer-in-Training program which allowed him to work and learn in various divisions within the Ministry. Justin was involved in safety, operations, design and construction projects throughout his time with the public service. After leaving the Ministry, he came to Alberta to work in the consulting industry where he continued to work on varied transportation engineering assignments. He expanded on his experience by managing projects, participating in public and municipal council presentations, and creating business opportunities for the companies he worked for.  Justin has a successful track record of project management. He collaborates with the project members, contractors and the client to create a coordinated team that allows the project to be delivered on schedule and budget, with the highest quality. He has built and maintained relationships with clients, contractors and sub-consultants to win projects and build successful project teams.